The Guy Who Wanted To Do Sex Stuff To My Feet

Single Girl Blogging

My actual feet and socks. Cool penis by My super sultry feet and socks. Cool penis guy by

A couple weeks ago I received a message on OkCupid from a man who would best be described as “effeminate.” He looked sort of like if Clay Aiken grew a womb and he and Adam Lambert had a magic love child. Alright whatever, I’m just going to be straight up with you – he looked gay as fuck.

This was way beyond metrosexual. His full, pouty lips were covered in gloss, his brows were shaped by Anatasia and his hair was higher and more coiffed than a Texas prom queen’s. Oh, and he also posted a separate photo of his shoes. And his miniature dog.

When I showed Claydam’s pics to my gay bf, he scoffed and cried, “Are you kidding? This guy makes me look like freaking Paul Bunyan!”

However, gay tendencies notwithstanding, the girly man did appear to be cultured, had a job…

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